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Welcome to One Dog Training, one to one local dog training, offering outstanding and specialised rescue dog training along side puppy training and dog training in Derbyshire and east Midlands. Established by myself, Sean Purdy – The Rescue Dog Whisperer a dog training and rescue dog behavioural specialist, I believe that all dogs can be helped with their issues – they just need to be correctly understood. they’re are extremely receptive animals, they will notice the most subtle body language and changes in tone of voice.

If they decide that they don’t see any leadership within their pack they will take over. Through my expertise and experience I can help you understand your dog to resolve their issues. Our bespoke packages give you the customised results you need and our doggie personality profiling means you have a clear insight into the way they think, creating a thorough training package and a much happier relationship between you and your best friend

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The aim and goals behind One Dog Training


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Dogs are keen learners

 They’re natural followers and are watching your every move so if you give them Calm, Clear, Consistent, Correction and Follow-through, you give your dog a purpose.

they’re are instinctively born to be calm, enforce calm, and seek direction and protection, So by you taking the mantal of “Alpha” You are creating a much more calm dog that wants to be told what to do.

Through our expertise and passion for training, we’ll coach and empower you every step of the way with our local dog training techniques that allow you to think and talk “dog”. 

Gaining this valuable knowledge will not take long at all – but the benefits you, your family and your doggie will gain will last eternity.

Dog human Synchronicity

 I believe there is no such thing as a “bad” dog. Sadly, This is a common occurrence and belief and because of that many canines are condemned as “bad” as treating them as a human is mentally unhealthy for them, and could cause behavioral problem or worse euthanasia.  

All because a misunderstanding between human and canine, and people treating them like humans, when they’re canine and think in a completely different format.

So my job then here is to create a harmonious balance between YOU and YOUR dog, no matter the age, breed or sex, can be trained the right way using positive and calm correction.

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Canines are natural followers and are watching your every move so if you give them Calm, Clear, Consistent, Correction and Follow-through, you give your dog a purpose.

Every dog is an individual

My Their Basic root needs, the environment they live in and the things they experience in the life from puppyhood all shape their behaviour.

With that said they all share the same of understanding human behaviour – that is what makes them very different to us.

Treating them as a human is mentally unhealthy for canines, and could cause behavioral problem.

So now you know that, a good start is creating a happy balance and relationship between you and your dog and it all starts with you learning to understand and think like they do. 

My Mission

My mission and hope is that by my training methods I’m ensuring they’re  are not being sent back to rescue homes because of unwanted “un-trainable” behavior. The goal is to transform the lives of my clients and their dogs to one of a more enjoyable and harmonious one.

If your dog is happy, then you and your family  are happy.

Our Locations

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So How Do We Do It?

 My Specialised training method gives insight into why dogs do what they do – so their psychology, and then dog on human communication. 

This way we can then help you overcome any behavioural problems.

We do this by assessing your dog holistically and it’s individual dog on dog and dog on human relationships to better identify what’s contributing to your dogs behavior, through their experiences and environmental factors that have impacted your dogs behavior

With this information we can then develop a personal tailored program for your dog to resolve their “unwanted” behavior.

picture walking your dog without them pulling your arm out of your socket or your dog being friendly with other dogs or people.

These are the type of goals we’ll work towards.

How Do I Achieve Such Great Results?

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Following a a phone consultation and detailed in home client interview, I then thoroughly explain and empower you to understand and think dog and to understand why your dog is doing what they’re doing. 

 We then work together (Having fun along the way) to design a personalized training plan that suits you and most importantly your dog’s behavior and personality trait.

Then we get on to the good stuff, using my specialized training techniques I show you how to modify any unwanted behavior using the system dogs understand, through how they communicate using body language, voice, tone, physical touch correction.  

I do this through the use of kind correction followed by lots of positive reinforcement, so using Calm, Clear, Consistent, Correction and Follow-through we ensure consistency, as consistency is key.

One to One Dog Training in Derbyshire

 The one to one dog training and puppy training sessions is always in the comfort of your home, so free from the stress and distractions allowing you my full attention to achieve fast and long lasting results, we respect every client and dog as an individual and you will always receive a professional, fun and relaxed individualized service with guaranteed results.

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