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About One Dog Training

Welcome to One Dog Training, offering outstanding puppy and dog training in Derby and East Midlands in the areas of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Sheffield, Tamworth and Stoke on Trent areas. Established by myself, Sean Purdy, a dog training and behavioural specialist, at One Dog Training we believe that all dogs can be helped with their issues – they just need to be correctly understood. Dogs are extremely receptive animals, they will notice the most subtle body language and changes in tone of voice. If they decide that they don’t see any leadership within their pack they will take over. One dog training can help you understand your dog to resolve their issues. Our bespoke packages give you the customised results you need and our dog personality profiling means you have a clear insight into your dogs way of thinking, creating a thorough training package and a much happier relationship between you and your dog.

We will guide you to help your dog overcome their problems
become the well behaved, happy pet
we know they can be

Best Dog Training Programs

If your dogs behaviour seems increasingly difficult to manage, they are showing signs of anxiety or aggression, have become disobedient, lacking in confidence, require puppy training, lead training or other behaviour support. then you may be feeling secluded, worried about their behaviour and unable to really enjoy your pet. Our testimonials prove that after using our personalised training programes owners are confident and able to help their dogs, by fully understanding their psychology, communication methods and needs.

This means your dog is relaxed
you can enjoy being their owner

The method of training we use means your dog will understand you and your expectations for them. The dog personality profiling that we provide means that you will also understand your dog. With dedication from you the results will be extremely quick, and the methods are consistent meaning they are easy for you to remember and use. The results will last a lifetime as long as you take responsibility for your behaviour so that you can understand your dog.

Dog Problems we can solve

One Dog Training will work with you to solve your personal dog issues, including:

  • Excessive barking at guests or other dogs
  • Inappropriately greeting visitors or rushing to the door
  • Stop your dog pulling on the lead
  • Excessive licking
  • Jumping up at visitors
  • Antisocial behaviour on the lead
  • Antisocial behaviour at home
  • Mouthing, biting or nipping at you, guests or other dogs.
  • Puppy toilet training or general toilet training in house (even after taking on walks)
  • Puppy training

A dog trainer might seem excessive for your dog but with our personalised training programmes you can be guided to resolve your embarrassing dog issue, meaning that special bond you and your pet deserve can be enjoyed .

Training Programs

Dog training near me
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I was searching far and wide for dog training near me, which is when i came across one dog training, They were best price for dog training and best rated for dog training so it was a no brainer, i found they were the best value and inexpensive. Thanks again.

Angie Jones